Gardening courses 2024

Terms and conditions

  1. Gift Vouchers are available for 18 months from the date of purchase
  2. Refunds can be arranged under the following circumstances
    1. The request for refund is made within 60 days of product purchase
    2. It has not been possible to agree a time and date for the lessons during the 18 month expiry period, following reasonable efforts by both parties
    3. The client lives out of the catchment area of travel
    4. A surcharge of £3 will be retained to cover administration costs
  3. Gardening lesson gift vouchers can be exchanged for general gardening services on a unit for unit basis
  4. Lessons may need to be rescheduled in poor weather conditions or due to staff illness
  5. If the client needs to reschedule a lesson, then 24 hours notice is required. Circumstances will be taken into consideration if this is not possible 
  6. The Lindfield Gardening Company has the right to refuse lessons if circumstances warrant, for example, the location is not within reasonable travel distance. Refunds will be offered