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Gardening Lessons In Your Own Garden

Learning how to garden can feel daunting and like there's so much to understand. Perhaps you don't know where to start, or feel frustrated when your efforts don't produce the results you hoped for.

Initially, I will visit your garden to discuss what you are looking for. It may be that you want someone to garden alongside you and to provide instruction and encouragement. Or there may be something very specific that you are looking to learn, such as pruning or propagation.  Importantly, lessons will focus on what is relevant to and your garden.

Gardening lessons are a good investment because they can save you from making expensive and time-consuming mistakes. A small number of gardening lessons  are all that is needed to gain enough knowledge and confidence to start creating a garden of which you feel proud.

  • Lessons: £30 per hour
  • Block of 4 one-hour lessons: £110

Gardening lessons also make the perfect gift for a friend and are available as gift vouchers.

Or, if you prefer to learn in a group environment then why not join me on my monthly gardening course "How to Garden Greener" hosted by the Sussex Garden School.