Designing Beautiful Borders

Multiple divisions

Spring is a great time to divide herbaceous perennials. By doing this we can:

  •  Reduce the size of plants which have become too large for their spot.
  •  Rejuvenate plants which have become open or woody in the centre.
  •  Create new plants for free.

This week I have divided an over large Helenium Moerheim Beauty and a Kalimeris. Both these plants have a fibrous root system, which means they can be prised apart using forks placed back to back. 

  1. Dig the plant out of the border
  2. Push a garden fork into the centre of the plant - this bit can be harder than it looks!
  3. Push in another garden fork, back to back with the first fork
  4. Lever the forks apart until the plant breaks apart
  5. Repeat until you have reduced the plant to the desired size
  6. Break of any parts of the plant from the woody central crown and discard these bits
  7. Replant the newly created plants and water well.
  8. Bestow your friends with free plants

Job done!